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When given a set of drawings we are able to develop earthwork quantities, competitive bids and cut / fill strategies. With thorough knowledge of your project we have the equipment and experienced manpower to hit the ground running and construct your earthwork needs in today’s fast paced construction environment.


Lacy Construction are experts in the development and improvements of roads, driveways, and specialty projects. With state of the art equipment and years of experience we pride ourselves on the ability to produce excellent work on any road old or new. 



Lacy has the ability to offer a complete site package bid along with our excavation, demolition, and storm system. Over the years our concrete crews have completed various projects. They include building foundations, wall and slabs, storm structures such as inlets, box culverts, headwalls, street sidewalks, pavement, curbs, bridge piers, end bent and decks. Lacy has completed some city park projects with decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, bush hammer and stamped walls, and color concrete pads and walks.



Lacy Construction maintains several size trucks and trailers to accommodate our customers hauling needs.  All of our trucks and equipment are inspected and maintained regularly to keep them operating safely and efficiently.  Our hauling services range from delivering a single load of rock to an individual homeowner to servicing an industrial plant site.  Once again no matter the size of project, safety and customer satisfaction is our goal.


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Lacy Construction has been the leading snow removal company in the valley for over 20 years. We plow commercial and personal properties from the Town of Mt Crested Butte, to downtown Crested Butte, and all the way to Gunnison. Lacy Construction removes snow from driveways, subdivisions, parking lots, county roads, and many other snow packed areas. Lacy is also known from hauling and removing snow.


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Aston Martin offered adventurous drivers the chance to experience the power and performance of its great British luxury sports cars in colorado's most rugged and demanding environments, Crested Butte. lacy construction was contracted to build the  state of the art ice track for this event.